Team Skills : Library Tools for Collaboration

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Have you ever been on a team project and been frustrated that things didn't move along as easily as you'd hoped? 

Do you have a big team project coming up and want to make sure that your team is efficient and effective?

If so come to Team Skills:  Library Tools for Collaboration!  This new interactive workshop will provide an introduction to tools that will maximize your group's efficiency as well as discuss skills and best practices, like brainstorming, giving feedback/communication, and project management that will make your team work proceed smoothly. We'll discuss ways that you can use Google Docs, Google Sites, the Assignment Calculator, RefWorks, Zotero and other tools to facilitate productivity and keep your project on schedule.

Team Skills: Library tools for Collaboration


Wednesday, October 27  2:30 - 3:30

Register Here

We ask that if attendees have a laptop, that they bring it to the workshop.

We need a minimum of six attendees to hold the workshop...if you're interested please sign up soon!

(Image from blentley via Flickr.  CC.)

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