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Library Guide for International Students

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The libraries recently put together a guide of library resources and services that is geared more towards International Students.

 This resource is campus-wide so it's not specifically geared towards Science and Engineering, but it may still be of use.

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Drop-In Hours for Peer Research Consultants Have Started

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Peer Research Consultants: one-on-one support for library research now available for students

Drop-in hours are now available for the Peer Research Consultants!  Students can sit down and get personalized help with writing papers, selecting their topics, and doing library research....one-on-one from their own peers. The PRCs are extensively trained on Library and academic literature research.

Please encourage students to stop by our walk-in hours at 4 locations (Walter Library, Wilson Library, Appleby Hall, Magrath Library).  We have openings and our consultants are available Monday through Friday.  For more information visit: http://www.lib.umn.edu/services/prc.

Check the schedule for exact times and locations.

This service is a great tool for undergraduates to work with their peers to find higher quality information.  If you work with Undergrads (or are an Undergrad yourself!) please spread the word!

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