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Here's a list of some books that the Physical Science and Engineering Library has recently purchased for the Mechanical Engineering Collection. If you have a purchase request, feel free to drop me an email.

Dynamics of Compressible Viscous Fluid
By A.N. Guz and A.A. Martynyuk
QA929 .G892 2009


Constructive Modeling Of Structural Turbulence And Hydrodynamic Instabilities

By Oleg Mikhailovich Belotserkovskii
TA357.5 .T87 B45 2009


Compuational Methods for Reliability and Risk Analysis
By Enrico Zio
TA169 .Z55 2009

ME-Basic Control.png

Basic Control Volume Finite Element Methods for Fluids and Solids
By Vaughan R. Voller
TA347.F5 V65 2009


Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes
By Aldo V. da Rosa
TJ163.9 .D3 2009


Advances in Numerical Heat Transfer, Volume III
By W.J. Minkowycz and E.M. Sparrow
TJ260 .A363


Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics

By Ferdinand Beer, E. Russell Johnston, Jr., Elliot Eisenberg, Phillip Cornwell, and David Mazurek
TA350 .B3552 2010

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