March 2013 Skill of the Month: Technical Writing

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This month's Professional Skills Portfolio Program focus is on technical writing.  Being able to clearly communicate ideas to readers is a necessary skill that takes practice and feedback.  Here are some suggestions of campus resources that will help you to improve your writing:  

  • Student Writing Support provides free writing instruction for all University of Minnesota students--graduate and undergraduate--at all stages of the writing process.Their quick help web pages provide links to videos, printable handouts, and web pages that offer support at any time for a variety of writers.  They also offer both in-person and online writing consultations to help you get started or learn techniques for revising your writing.

  • The University of Minnesota Writing Studies department offers a number of classes focused on written and oral communication in science and technology, which can lead to a bachelors degree in scientific and technical communication.  

Don't forget to add examples of your written work to your online portfolio throughout the semester, so you have it available to share with potential future employers.  

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

"Keyboard" by john_a_ward CC.

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