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Slides and Data Entry

Hi all,

Quinn and Tim made it through their first day of training and are both doing an excellent job! Thanks for all of the scanning and organizational work that you have all been doing so far. We have been having a bit of trouble transferring our new scans to the dcl server, so if things are sitting in your folders a little longer than usual, this is why. Tim and Quinn, this will make more sense to you later.

Here's a quick update on the projects that we have going on over the next few weeks:

Paul and Tony having been working on scanning slides. We have had some faculty in DHA ask us how far we have come with digitizing the collection in McNeal Hall. They are happy to know that our students have been scanning slides consistently from this collection for the past few semesters. I know some of the slides from the St. Paul collection can be difficult to manage, but I think we will keep chipping away at this the best we can. For now, Tony will be working on the DHA slides and Paul will be working on slides from our backlog of donations. We try to switch things up in a couple of weeks. Paul and Tony can also look forward to some small data entry projects in the near future.

Jessica is starting a project focused on assessing the amount of empty space we have in the slide drawers. This is the beginning of a planning phase to compress the slide collection into fewer slide drawers. This will help us get some of our donation slides out of the cupboards and into the drawers for safe keeping.

Once Quinn and Tim are up to speed they will be working on scanning as well.