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General Updates

Hi everyone,

I hope your classes are going well as we approach midterm! Keep in mind that as your semester gets busier, we run a very flexible schedule in the DCA. If you are unable to make it into work one day, but would like to make up the hours on another day, that's fine. Just send a quick email to let us know what's going on.

Jodie is working on establishing a phone tree with all of our emergency contact numbers. That way we can contact you in case of an emergency or event that would close down the collection for part or all of the day.

There has been a lot of great work happening in the collection already this semester...

Jessica has been diligently working on shifting the slide collection in order to create more space in the drawers. Thanks, Jessica. This will help as we begin to move slides that have been in storage into better locations in the drawers.

Thanks as well to Paul, Tim, and Jessica who have all been doing careful data entry projects in the catalog. This is a huge help to us and those who use the Digital Content Library website. It improves the quality of our data and makes the images searchable on our website (www.dcl.umn.edu).

Paul, Quinn, and Tony are continuing to scan slides from Design, Housing, and Apparel as well as the Arch/LArch collections. The images are looking great (despite the difficulty that some of them pose)! I will touch base with you about any specific improvements or adjustments that can be made. Keep up the great work!

Finally, we have hired another student to do scanning work. Nasim Agah is a senior will start sometime this week. She is well versed and enthusiastic about photoshop so she will be a great addition to the team.

We really appreciate all of you for your hard work and positive attitudes. I know that it can be a lot to juggle with school and life.