September 13, 2007

Welcome to the Digital Collections + Archives

Welcome (and welcome back) to the Digital Collection + Archives Unit (DCA) and the new DCA blog ! For those of you returning after the summer break, it is good to have you back. We missed you and your hard work over the summer, and we have lots of projects for you to work on (and hopefully have fun with) this semester. We have two new students coming on board this semester. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to Quinn Thomas and Tim Quan who will be starting next week. We are happy to have them joining us to help with scanning and data entry projects!

This blog is for you and I'm hoping it can help us stay in touch with eachother over the semester as things get busy. Some of your schedules do not overlap very much, so hopefully this will be a convenient way for all of us to communicate and receive project updates. We can also use this as a place to share tips about Photoshop, post news about the collection, or just ask general questions. This is new, and part of my multi-phase plan to develop a student worker website and training modules (more on this later). We'll see how this works; we can change it over time with your thoughts and feedback. I'll just introduce myself briefly to all of you. Feel free to post a note about yourself as well.

My name is Jen Green and I am the Assistant Curator in the DCA. I received my undergraduate degree in Art History at UMN and, like all of you, I am still a student. I will be finishing my Master's in Library and Information Science at the College of Saint Catherine in December, and I am looking forward to some free time (hopefully) after that.
I am one of the student worker supervisors and I organize much of the training and projects for all of you. You can always come to me with questions about your schedule, projects you are working on, things you don't understand, etc. I am looking forward to meeting Tim and Quinn next week and working through training with them.

I think that's all for now. I'm looking forward to this semester and chatting with all of you!