Elementary school sends 6-year-old to psych ward without mother's consent

After a Los Angeles school district angered a mother Thursday after they sent her 6-year-old son to the psychiatric ward without her consent, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Officials at Taper Avenue Elementary in San Pedro called a Los Angeles County psychiatric mobile response team when Jack Dorman drew a violent picture and wrote that he wanted to die, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Jack's mom, Syndi Dorman, told MSNBC that when she arrived to explain that her son had separation anxiety because his father was being deployed to Iraq and she would ensure that she he saw his therapist, school officials said it was out of her control.
MSNBC reported that Jack was committed to a 72-hour hold at a local hospital, but was released after 48 hours.

Dorman said her son is traumatized and doesn't want to return to school following the incident, according to MSNBC.

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