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University student killed in bicycle-truck collision

A semitruck hit and killed a University of Minnesota senior riding her bicycle through a crosswalk Thursday morning, according the Minnesota Daily.

Police told the Star Tribune that the collision happened around 8 a.m. at the intersection of 4th Street and 15th Avenue SE.

Kimberly Yeong Sil Hull, 25, who was slated to graduate from the College of Liberal Arts in two weeks, was pronounced dead on arrival, according to the Star Tribune.

The Minnesota Daily reported that the truck driver has not been arrested and police are still determining who had the right of way.

After a string of accidents around the University, police are pleading with students to use more caution, according to the Star Tribune.

Dinkytown hit-and-run driver arrested

Police arrested a 29-year-old Roseville man Thursday in connection with the hit-and-run of three University of Minnesota students last week, which left one dead, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Stephen McCarty told the Star Tribune said that suspect is in custody at Hennepin County jail pending murder charges.

The man was convicted of drunken driving and careless driving from 2008, said the Minnesota Daily. It said his probation ended in early March.

The suspect and the car were both found thanks to witness tips, reported the Star Tribune.

Cass Lake woman impersonates military officer, dupes hometown

A Cass Lake woman was cited for impersonating an officer after she impersonated an officer in the military at a welcome home ceremony last month, according to the Star Tribune.

The Cass Lake Times reported that a ceremony was held for Elizabeth McKenzie, 20, of Cloquet, who told the community she returned from Afghanistan after sustaining combat-related injuries.

A recruiter for a community college became suspicious after hearing about the ceremony, said the Star Tribune, and a check found McKenzie had been regularly attending the college when she said she was fighting in Afghanistan.

The Star Tribune said some veterans at the ceremony thought something was wrong with McKenzie's chevrons on her uniform, but kept quiet.

An investigation by the Pike Bay Police Department showed McKenzie did not serve overseas or is an active military member, according to the Cass Lake Times, and the report has been forwarded to the Cass County Attorney's Office for review.

Hit-and-run injures three University students

A car going the wrong way hit three University of Minnesota students early Friday, leaving one in critical condition and the other two injured, before taking off according to the Star Tribune.

The Minnesota Daily reported that Joe Bailin, Katelynn Hanson and Sarah Bagley were out celebrating their acceptance into graduate school before the car knocked into Hanson and Bagley.

Hanson's mother told the Minnesota Daily that the car then continued down the block and smashed Benjamin Van Handel, who is a University senior, into a telephone pole.

All three victims were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, a spokesperson told the Star Tribune, where Van Handel was in critical condition and Bagley in satisfactory. Hanson was released.

The Star Tribune said that police are searching for the car that fled the scene, which a witness said is a white four-door Toyota Camry or Salary with front-end damage.

Senate approves limited alcohol sales at University stadium

Alcohol may soon be for sale in TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota--but only available for those with premium seats, according to the Minnesota Daily.

A Minnesota Senate committee passed a bill Wednesday that would allow limited alcohol to be served at the stadium, Northrop Auditorium and seven other on-campus locations, reported the Star Tribune.

The bill would lift a mandate on the stadium that said alcohol must be made available to at least one third of general seating, said the Minnesota Daily.

The University decided to opt-out of all alcohol sales at the stadium in order to decrease access to minors, which Kathryn Brown, chief of staff for the current University president, told the Minnesota Daily. She said the mandate also forced them to reduce premium ticket prices and cost the University revenue.

But Democratic Sen. Linda Scheid told the Star Tribune any attendees of legal age should be able to buy alcohol, regardless of their seating.

Jesse Ventura aims a VP spot in 2012 election

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said Monday he would consider running as vice president with Ron Paul in 2012, according to MinnPost.

He would join the ticket on the condition that Paul, a Texas Republican, would run as an independent, Ventura told USA Today.

Ron Paul unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination in the 2008 presidential election.

MinnPost reported Ventura, who was promoting a new book, told "Good Morning America" co-host George Stephanopoulos that the U.S. needs to "abolish political parties."

Ventura ran as an independent candidate in his successful Minnesota gubernatorial campaign in 1998.

Meth conviction reversed due to unwarranted search

The Minnesota Supreme Court reversed a methamphetamine possession charge resulting from a car search due to mismatched licenses Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune.

In a 4-3 decision, the court said a search of Erika Diede's cigarette pack was unwarranted, especially because she initially refused to give permission, according to a Supreme Court opinion document.

Diede, who was convicted on fifth-degree drug possession in 2008, appealed the decision twice, the second time to the Supreme Court, reported the Star Tribune.

Officers pulled Diede over because her license plates were from another vehicle, which was later found to be legal, said the Star Tribune.

They arrested the passenger in her car, the Star Tribune said, on suspicions of previously selling drugs.

After a suspicious package discovered in a checked bag Wednesday afternoon shut down Rochester International Airport, it re-opened, according to the Associated Press.

The Star Tribune reported that the main terminal was evacuated at 4 p.m., but the bomb squad found nothing "dangerous."

The airport diverted incoming flights and delayed outgoing ones until shortly after 7 p.m., according to the Associated Press.

The Transportation Security Administration and local law enforcement is interviewing the passenger who checked the bag, said the Star Tribune.

U Professor complains, Apple's 'gay cure' app deleted

Apple eliminated a "gay-cure" application Wednesday after a University of Minnesota professor, among other complaints, said it misused his research, according to the Star Tribune.

The app, sponsored by Exodus International, a Christian group, linked to an article by Gary Remafedi, a University pediatrics professor, who did a 1992 study on demographics of adolescent sexual orientation in Minnesota, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Guardian reported 140,000 people signed a petition to remove the application, which promises "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus."

Tom Neumayr, an Apple spokesperson, told the Star Tribune that the application was removed "because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people."

Dayton calls GOP healthcare bill "fantasy"

Gov. Mark Dayton criticized a GOP health care budget bill in the House Tuesday that would slash aid to Medicaid spending, deeming it a "fantasy," according to the Associated Press.

Assuming the federal government will grant the waiver when it never had done so before and does not intend to is "not responsible," Dayton told the Star Tribune.

Republicans estimate the global waiver would save Minnesota $300 million, reported the Star Tribune, but have been unable to get a formal judgment.

The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Jim Abeler, would abolish health care for 7,200 Minnesotans and cut aid to programs for seniors and disabled people, said the Associated Press.

"We should easily be able to save that must just by taking over the feds," Anoka told the Star Tribune Monday.

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