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Associated Press Photographer, Marty Lederhandler, dies.

Marty Lederhandler died Thursday at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J. at the age of 92.
According to The Associated Press, Lederhandler was a photographer for them for six decades and has captured on film every U.S. President from Hoover to Bill Clinton, he covered the D-Day landing in 1944 and captured shots on September 11 of the world trade center.
In the article by the AP, they don't give their readers any flowery little story about the persons life, instead they get straight to the point and tell us why he is important. Which is good, but not always so interesting.
The article then has a quote from Lederhandlers companion which helps the readers get into the story along with the other quotes from his coworkers which helps the readers get to know Lederhandler a little more.
Then the article goes into Lederhandles history which seems to be rather long and uninteresting because the AP get to the point and don't seem to try and make it interesting for the readers.
They should have chosen a few interesting facts to write about rather then them all, because it was too long.
Although the history was too long, they did end with a good quote to bring the readers back to a personal level.
According to the AP, Lederhandler was survived by his companion, brother, and two sister-in-laws.

Michael Gramling, volunteer for Powderhorn Park, dies.

Michael Gramling, the president of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, died March 19 at his home from colin cancer, he was 54.
According to The Star Tribune, Gramling did whatever he could to make Powderhorn Park a better place to live, work and play.
In the article by the Tribune, they start with a nice story about what Gramling liked to do for hobbies and then they brought up his passion for volunteering.
Gramling organized alley cleanups, flower planting and cultural celebrations. He made volunteering a priority, said the Tribune.
The article has a lot of personality to pull readers in because of the use of quotes from two of Gramlings friends, his brother and someone he worked with. This gives the readers a good idea about who Gramling was and how people saw him.
The story had a great ending because it ended with a nice quote from his brother. The only thing this story lacked was more information about Gramling and if he had any survivors.
The article had no history about where he came from or what he used to do and it was unclear about if he had a family or not.
Otherwise it was very personable and very nice to read.

Sportswriter, Scott Papillon, dies at 60.

Scott Papillon, a sportswriter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis from 1977 - 1981, died at the age of 60.
According to The Star Tribune, Papillon died of melonoma on March 19 at his home in New Brighton, Minn.
The article by the Tribune starts off great with a story that pulls the readers into the life of Papillon. They continue to talk about his career and about why he is important to the readers interests.
Papillon covered local professional and collegiate teams, wrote a novel and worked for Medtronic. He was also the first to interview one of the Vikings quarterbakcs after their final game and even beat the National press on a story about Muhammad Ali, according to the Tribune.
The article then moves from his career to his personal life, by inserting quotes from his coworker and his wife. This adds more personality to the article and helps the readers connect with the story.
It was interesting how the beginning of the article starts off with stories about his career before telling the readers how he died. It forces the readers to get to know Papillon as he lived before telling them how he died.
The article then gives a good brief history of his life and past events before it talks about who Papillon left behind.
Papillon was survived by his wife, son, parents and three brothers.
The article was very personal and interesting, the only problem was the ending. It might have been better with another quote from his wife, otherwise a very good well rounded obituary.

Blanche Thebom, star at the Met and Beyond, dies at 94.

Blanche Thebom, a star mezzo-soprano singer at the Met and Beyond from the 1940's to the 1960's, had done more than 350 performances before she died Tuesday, at her home in San Francisco at 94-years-old.
According to The New York Times, Thebom was discovered as a teen and performed many years with the Metropolitan Opera. She was the first midcentury wave of American opera singers to attain international careers.
Thebom was considered to be an immediate success throughout her years as a singer, and recorded albums and even appeared in movies before her last performance at the Met in 1967, said the Times.
According to the Times, Thebom later directed the opera program at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. She then moved to San Fransico, where she taught privatley and helped create a training program for younger singers.
Thebom was divorced and had no immediate family. In the article by the Times, they seemed to have focused her life on her work because she didn't have a family who could talk about her life.
In the Times' article they showed a picture of Thebom in her younger years so the readers could she her at the height of her success, but they had no recent pictures to show what she had looked like before she died.
The article by the Times had a very good and clear lede. They helped the readers understand why Thebom was important and why they should care.
The Times article however did not give a cause of death, but it can only be assumed that Thebom died of old age because she was 94-years-old. It only mentioned that her death had been confirmed by her friend.
The article had a good history of past events, so the audience could see who Thebom was before she was famous, but the only thing that could have made the story better would be more quotes from people who knew her.
The article lacked personality from friends and coworkers. Although Thebom didn't have an immediate family, she was a famous singer who lived for 94 years, she is bound to have a lot of friends and people who knew her.
Having quotes from friends, coworkers, or fans would have made the story a lot more interesting and would have pulled the readers into the story more than it did. The Times only had quotes that they, themselves, had mentioned about Thebom in the past.
Overall, the article was a very good obituary and a nice way to recognize Thebom and the difference she has made in the world.

Founder of Jamaica Drug Gang died Sunday.

Vivian Blake, former top leader of the "Jamaican Shower Posse" died Sunday, according to The New York Times, at 54-years-old.
According to the Times, Blake was responsible for more than 1,400 drug-related killings in the United States in the 1980's.
He died Sunday night in Kingston, Jamaica, at the University hospital of the West Indies. The Times article however, was quite vague on the reasoning behind Blakes death, but information from The Associated Press in an article posted in The Washington Post, gives better ideas about how he died.
According to the AP, Blake died after suffering a heart attack. He also had kidney disease and was receiving dialysis treatment. The Times also mentioned that he had diabetes as well.
According to the AP, Blake had been doing fine days before the heart attack and the Times mentioned that he had been living at home in Jamaica writing a screenplay about his life.
The AP also said that Blake was 53-years-old, not 54 as the Times states. So it's hard to be clear on the actual age of death.
In the article written by the AP, they seem to have a much better lede than the Times' article by adding more precise information about how Blake was involved in the cocaine wars of the 1980's.
In the Times article they go into great detail about Blakes past, and about how he came to the U.S. and stayed there to start his drug business and his gang in Brooklyn called "American affiliate of the shower posse" in 1973.
Blake had an illegal drug distribution network from Miami to New York to LA and even Anchorage, according to the Times. Also, according to the AP, he was responsible for 1,000 tons of drugs being brought into the U.S.
According to the Times, Blake had a warrant out for his arrest in 1988 because of the 1984 killings of five people, in a Miami crack house, that he was responsible for.
Blake was arrested in 1999 according to the Times and the AP said that Blake got a 28-year sentence but was released on parole after eight years.
Blake had only been out of prison for about a year when he died according to both articles.
The Times article ended with some quotes from Blakes daughter, bringing the audience back to reality that, although Blake had a bad past, he also died and left a family at home to live without him.
According to the Times, Blake was survived by his two kids, his wife and four grandchildren.
The AP ending was much less flowery and full of sentiments and more dry, pointless, and confusing than the Times article. They ended their article with the strange death of Blakes brother who wasn't mentioned previous and leaves the audience wondering why they care.
The Times article was longer and full of background information on Blake. They also had an image of Blake to look at so as to get a good idea about who he was. The AP story was shorter, more straightforward and to the point with no pictures of Blake.

Brutal killings of Americans by Drug Traffickers

Three Americans were shot dead by drug traffickers over the weekend at the border town of El Paso.
According to the Herald, the three who were killed were U.S. consulate employees, but their children who were with survived.
Secratary of the State Hillary Clinton said they would work with the Mexican government in finding and punishing the people who comitted the brutal killings.
According to the New York Times the FBI is currently investigating the killings.

Whale served at Sushi Restaurant causes Protests

A sushi chef was charged with serving illegal whale at a California restaurant called The Hump, while protestors marched in front of the restaurants doors for hours on Thursday.
According to the Reuters news source, Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, the chef at the restaurant violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act which makes it illegal to sell any kind of whale meat.
Federal Prosecuters filed charges against Yamamoto and the restaurant following the allegations.
According to The Associated Press, the type of whale that was being served was called a Sei whale and they are an endangered species protected by international treaties.
Although the restaurant accepts full responsibility for serving the whale, they could pay up to $200,000 if convicted.
Yamamoto could face up to a year in prison if convicted and a fine of $100,000.
The AP reports that the U.S. attorneys office is still investigating the source of the whale meat.

Superintendent for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation committee, Jon Gurban, is getting replaced after years of service.
The Star Tribune reported in a short article, that the board decided not to renew the contract of the controversial Gurban, who headed parks since 2003.
According to the Star Tribune, the board is hiring a temporary superintendent, David Fisher to fill Gurbans spot until they find a new full time person for the job.
Fisher has worked for Minneapolis parks for 29 years and the board was pleased with their decision to hire him for the tempory job.
In a longer, more in depth story from City pages, the board seemed to be fed up with the way Gurban had been handling things and they decided to replace him.
According to City Pages, Gurban kept the board in near constant tumult for years because of his terrible ability to work with the public and his bad temper.
City Pages also went in depth to discover how Gurban got hired in the first place, and they dicovered that it hadn't been done without controversey.
One of the members of the board said that hiring Gurban would have been disrespectful and a national embarrassment.
Although there was controversy, Gurban got the majority vote and became one of the most powerful park superintendents in the country.
According to City Pages, Gurban is happy to be leaving but believes that he has done good work as a superintendent despite what the board had to say.
For now, Fisher will take Gurbans place until the board can come up with a new full time superintendent, and according to City Pages, they have a big job ahead of them.

Suspect of Bank Robbery Arrested and charged Friday.

Damell R. Maull, 27, was charged Friday for robbing a south Minneapolis Wells Fargo Bank on Chicago avenue, March 4.
According to the Star Tribune, two men entered into the bank with pistols and told everyone to get down as they grabbed cash from behind the counter and fled the scene.
Maull's roommate recognized Maull on the banks surviellence tapes and after her and Maull's home was robbed a few days after the robbery, she notified the police.
According to KARE11 Maull had given $1,200 to his girlfriend and $4,500 to his roommate not long after the robbery had taken place.
Although Maull gave some of his stolen money away, he found time to spend it the day of the robbery and according to both the Star Tribune and KARE11, bought himself some new clothes, a diamond ring, a brand new Cadillac, and three pounds of marijuana.
Police have yet to find the second suspect involved in the crime but Maull faces one count of aggravated first-degree robbery.

The Pope, Distraught after hearing News of Sex Scandal.

Pope Benedict XVI was in deep shock after hearing the news of alligations of a new sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Germany.
According to a story on CNN, Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, president of German bishops, sat down to discuss the scandal with the pope on Friday.
The pope was said to be distraught after hearing the news but he encouraged catholic leaders in Germany to do furthur investigations into the allegations.
Although Zollitsch asked for forgiveness to the victims, the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is far from being resolved.
According to the report on CNN, 170 cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church have been reported since January alone.
In a more in depth report from The Associated Press, they found that Germany's sex scandal may have something to do with the pope himself.
According to the AP, the popes former archdiocese said that when the pope was archbishop in 1977 to 1982, that he let a suspected pediphile priest transfer to a job where he later was charged with abusing children.
The AP also reported that the Catholic Church may be in trouble with the law after a Vatican document was found instructing bishops to keep such cases secret.
The church later said that they had no intention of obstructing justice, or of not notifying the police when issues of sexual abuse appear.
According to both CNN and The Associated Press, the sexual abuse scandal is undergoing further investigation.

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