Michael Gramling, volunteer for Powderhorn Park, dies.

Michael Gramling, the president of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, died March 19 at his home from colin cancer, he was 54.
According to The Star Tribune, Gramling did whatever he could to make Powderhorn Park a better place to live, work and play.
In the article by the Tribune, they start with a nice story about what Gramling liked to do for hobbies and then they brought up his passion for volunteering.
Gramling organized alley cleanups, flower planting and cultural celebrations. He made volunteering a priority, said the Tribune.
The article has a lot of personality to pull readers in because of the use of quotes from two of Gramlings friends, his brother and someone he worked with. This gives the readers a good idea about who Gramling was and how people saw him.
The story had a great ending because it ended with a nice quote from his brother. The only thing this story lacked was more information about Gramling and if he had any survivors.
The article had no history about where he came from or what he used to do and it was unclear about if he had a family or not.
Otherwise it was very personable and very nice to read.

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