Minneapolis Park and Recreation board search for new Superintendent.

Superintendent for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation committee, Jon Gurban, is getting replaced after years of service.
The Star Tribune reported in a short article, that the board decided not to renew the contract of the controversial Gurban, who headed parks since 2003.
According to the Star Tribune, the board is hiring a temporary superintendent, David Fisher to fill Gurbans spot until they find a new full time person for the job.
Fisher has worked for Minneapolis parks for 29 years and the board was pleased with their decision to hire him for the tempory job.
In a longer, more in depth story from City pages, the board seemed to be fed up with the way Gurban had been handling things and they decided to replace him.
According to City Pages, Gurban kept the board in near constant tumult for years because of his terrible ability to work with the public and his bad temper.
City Pages also went in depth to discover how Gurban got hired in the first place, and they dicovered that it hadn't been done without controversey.
One of the members of the board said that hiring Gurban would have been disrespectful and a national embarrassment.
Although there was controversy, Gurban got the majority vote and became one of the most powerful park superintendents in the country.
According to City Pages, Gurban is happy to be leaving but believes that he has done good work as a superintendent despite what the board had to say.
For now, Fisher will take Gurbans place until the board can come up with a new full time superintendent, and according to City Pages, they have a big job ahead of them.

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