Sportswriter, Scott Papillon, dies at 60.

Scott Papillon, a sportswriter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis from 1977 - 1981, died at the age of 60.
According to The Star Tribune, Papillon died of melonoma on March 19 at his home in New Brighton, Minn.
The article by the Tribune starts off great with a story that pulls the readers into the life of Papillon. They continue to talk about his career and about why he is important to the readers interests.
Papillon covered local professional and collegiate teams, wrote a novel and worked for Medtronic. He was also the first to interview one of the Vikings quarterbakcs after their final game and even beat the National press on a story about Muhammad Ali, according to the Tribune.
The article then moves from his career to his personal life, by inserting quotes from his coworker and his wife. This adds more personality to the article and helps the readers connect with the story.
It was interesting how the beginning of the article starts off with stories about his career before telling the readers how he died. It forces the readers to get to know Papillon as he lived before telling them how he died.
The article then gives a good brief history of his life and past events before it talks about who Papillon left behind.
Papillon was survived by his wife, son, parents and three brothers.
The article was very personal and interesting, the only problem was the ending. It might have been better with another quote from his wife, otherwise a very good well rounded obituary.

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