Suspect of Bank Robbery Arrested and charged Friday.

Damell R. Maull, 27, was charged Friday for robbing a south Minneapolis Wells Fargo Bank on Chicago avenue, March 4.
According to the Star Tribune, two men entered into the bank with pistols and told everyone to get down as they grabbed cash from behind the counter and fled the scene.
Maull's roommate recognized Maull on the banks surviellence tapes and after her and Maull's home was robbed a few days after the robbery, she notified the police.
According to KARE11 Maull had given $1,200 to his girlfriend and $4,500 to his roommate not long after the robbery had taken place.
Although Maull gave some of his stolen money away, he found time to spend it the day of the robbery and according to both the Star Tribune and KARE11, bought himself some new clothes, a diamond ring, a brand new Cadillac, and three pounds of marijuana.
Police have yet to find the second suspect involved in the crime but Maull faces one count of aggravated first-degree robbery.

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