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Anoka County decides whether or not to release rapist

Ming Sen Shiue started his federal prison sentence for rape and murder in 1981, and after 30 years in prison, Anoka County is trying to decide whether or not he is still a threat.
According to The Star Tribune, Shiue was undergoing treatment that was supposed to help cure him of some of his problems, but experts strictly said when he came into treatment that he was a very dangerous man.
On Monday, Anoka County District Judge Jenny Walker Jasper will hold a three-day trial to decide whether Shiue from Minnesota's past is finally "cured'' or is still a threat to public safety.
People from the area are very concerned that if Shiue is freed, he might try and hurt someone else, and some don't believe that a person can simply be cured from something like that, that it stays with them forever.
The article ends well with a good quote and it is a good news article because it talks about the issue of whether or not to free Shiue and what might happen if he is released.

Minneapolis prepares for tornado season

Businesses downtown Minneapolis always believed they were safe from tornado's because in the past they never came near the city, but last summer changed a lot of peoples minds when tornado's touched down all over the Minneapolis area.
Businesses such as the Electric Fetus, who got hit last summer, are preparing for this years tornado season, according to The Star Tribune.
The tornado's that touched down last summer were the first in 29 years to actually strike within the city, and people are hoping it wont happen again.
According to the Tribune, the weather channels are reminding residents of the Twin Cities, that although they have been having mild weather, that the storms are on their way and that it is possible to have tornado's touch down in the Twin Cities area once again.
The story by the Tribune was a good story about the issue of storms coming this summer and what businesses and people of the Twin Cities area are doing to prepare for the upcoming weather.
The story also ended with a good quote saying that you never know what could happen so it's a good idea to plan ahead.

Icelands future after the eruption

In Reykjavik, Iceland, the people there are deciding what their future will be after the eruption of the volcano last week.
Iceland has had their own financial troubles in the past and they are looking at this eruption as a sigh of relief because it was something they had no control over according to The New York Times.
Although the eruption has caused a lot of cancellations in air traffic the actual affects for the Icelanders themselves, excluding the farmers right below the mountain, have actually been minimal.
According to the Times, the people of Iceland are living life quite normally and are not apologizing to those who think they should feel bad for the air traffic cancellations, they aren't sorry for something they had no control over.
The Times' article goes on to discuss the history of Iceland's volcanic eruptions and financial issues and talks about how the people of Island are standing their ground.
It was a good article that discussed more in depth the issue that Iceland is facing right now and how they feel about it.
The story ended really well with a great quote from someone who said that there is never a dull moment in Iceland.

Living in America with no electricity or water

Fermin Roman, a resident of the Pajarito Mesa, a treeless plateau outside of Albuquerque has waited 20 years for the electricity and water his seller had promised him years ago.
According to The New York Times, the Mesa is now home to 400 families, one of the largest communities to survive totally off the grid without water, electricity, water, streets, and mail.
The residents there live an old fashioned life while they haul purchased water to elevated tanks that feed the sinks, toilets and showers.
According to the Times, the residents there use solar panels to run lights and wood stoves for heat, while the refrigerator and stove run on propane.
The community consists of mostly Hispanic people who are poor and some are illegal immigrants.
According to the Times, different medical and political organizations are trying to help the poor community by offering their services.
The article by the Times was a great news feature story because they covered the issue of this small community and how they survive but that they are in need of much help from the outside world.
It was a great story, very interesting, great descriptions and quotes to help pull the reader into the story, and it ended well with a quote.

Web, a way of entertainment for China

Although google has somewhat pulled away from China, they still have their own ways of using the internet.
According to The New York Times, China has it's own popular search engines and social networking sites that they use for entertainment.
For the typical college student in China, the web is a useful source for entertainment where they can download shows, music and write their own blogs.
The web is popular to many people in China, not only college students, and according to the Times, a study showed that China is much more connected to the Web than Americans with 400 million internet users.
Along with the excitement of the Web, comes critics who are afraid of the power the Web continues to have on it's viewers, but according to the Times young people of China are not excited about the Web so that they can use it for a means of rebellion, but for the variety of social and entertainment options.
The article by the Times was a good news feature story because it discussed the issue of the web in China and got some good quotes from students and others. It also ended well with a good quote.

101 Dalmations Theatre Production

The 101 Dalmations is playing at the Madison Square Gardens Theatre and kids are really enjoying it.
According to The New York Times the show uses real dalmations along with people in costume.
The story by the Times describes what it's like to be at the show and gets some good quotes from people who saw the show.
The story could have used a little more description and some more quotes to pull the reader into the story a bit more.

Families gather at Dover

At 4:20 a.m. on Easter Sunday in Dover Air force base, Del., a pair of flag-covered cases with the remains of two Marines, who were both killed the previous week in Afghanistan, were carried out of a plane into the sight of their waiting families.
In the article by The New York Times, they describe the scene at the airport of the families who had to see their dead sons carried out of the plane, and the surroundings of the event.
The story was a good scene piece but they didn't have as many quotes as they could have and they didn't put the first one into the story until quite a few paragraphs in.
Although it could have used a little more description and quotes thoughout the story, it ended pretty well with a quote so overall it was a pretty good scene piece.

Poland mourns but begins to rebuild

The body of Poland's President Lech Kaczynski was returned to the capital on Sunday, while the country mourned.
According to The New York Times, there were many people at the event who were saddened by what happened to the President.
In the story by the Times, they had lot of quotes from people who were there. They had quotes almost every other paragraph which helped the readers understand and relate to the story.
It was also a great scene piece because the reporter was right there at the scene and described the people there, their surroundings and what they were doing. By writing like that, it helped the reader get into the scene as if they were there themselves.
The story ended really well because they transitioned from the saddness of the deaths and into how the country plans to rebuild and they ended with a nice quote from the former prime minister.

Chasing North Shore Streams

On Lake Superior up by the North Shore, the streams are perfect and ready for fishing.
According to the Star Trubune, one of their reporters was there to interview people who were there fishing.
The article started out with a great story of winter being over and how it's the perfect time to get out there and start fishing.
Then they had a nice quote from a fisherman from Duluth who was there, and then they transitioned into a great description of their scenery so the readers could experience it as well.
The story then ended with them catching a fish.
It was great scene reporting and a great piece about the North Shore and getting ready to fish for the summer.
The story really brought the readers into the scene.

Teenager brings gun to school

An eighth-grader pointed a loaded handgun at students and staff at Hastings Middle School on Monday and was charged with five felonies on Wednesday.
According to the Star Tribune, the student brought the gun to school in order to scare some of his classmates who had been treating him badly.
The 14-year-old boy's name cannot be disclosed because of his age, but according to the Tribune he has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault, and one count each of making terroristic threats and criminal damage to property.
The boy had tried to shoot the gun a few times but he had the wrong cartridges in the handgun he took from his foster parents. No one was injured.
The story from the Tribune was very thorough and organized as they interviewed a few people about the story.
They got good information and went to the scene and talked to a few people to make sure they got the full story.
The story talked about the bigger picture of crime and bullying in schools and how it can no longer be tolerated.
The story however could have ended a little better by adding a quote to the end, otherwise it was a well rounded story.

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