Anoka County decides whether or not to release rapist

Ming Sen Shiue started his federal prison sentence for rape and murder in 1981, and after 30 years in prison, Anoka County is trying to decide whether or not he is still a threat.
According to The Star Tribune, Shiue was undergoing treatment that was supposed to help cure him of some of his problems, but experts strictly said when he came into treatment that he was a very dangerous man.
On Monday, Anoka County District Judge Jenny Walker Jasper will hold a three-day trial to decide whether Shiue from Minnesota's past is finally "cured'' or is still a threat to public safety.
People from the area are very concerned that if Shiue is freed, he might try and hurt someone else, and some don't believe that a person can simply be cured from something like that, that it stays with them forever.
The article ends well with a good quote and it is a good news article because it talks about the issue of whether or not to free Shiue and what might happen if he is released.

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