Icelands future after the eruption

In Reykjavik, Iceland, the people there are deciding what their future will be after the eruption of the volcano last week.
Iceland has had their own financial troubles in the past and they are looking at this eruption as a sigh of relief because it was something they had no control over according to The New York Times.
Although the eruption has caused a lot of cancellations in air traffic the actual affects for the Icelanders themselves, excluding the farmers right below the mountain, have actually been minimal.
According to the Times, the people of Iceland are living life quite normally and are not apologizing to those who think they should feel bad for the air traffic cancellations, they aren't sorry for something they had no control over.
The Times' article goes on to discuss the history of Iceland's volcanic eruptions and financial issues and talks about how the people of Island are standing their ground.
It was a good article that discussed more in depth the issue that Iceland is facing right now and how they feel about it.
The story ended really well with a great quote from someone who said that there is never a dull moment in Iceland.

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