Living in America with no electricity or water

Fermin Roman, a resident of the Pajarito Mesa, a treeless plateau outside of Albuquerque has waited 20 years for the electricity and water his seller had promised him years ago.
According to The New York Times, the Mesa is now home to 400 families, one of the largest communities to survive totally off the grid without water, electricity, water, streets, and mail.
The residents there live an old fashioned life while they haul purchased water to elevated tanks that feed the sinks, toilets and showers.
According to the Times, the residents there use solar panels to run lights and wood stoves for heat, while the refrigerator and stove run on propane.
The community consists of mostly Hispanic people who are poor and some are illegal immigrants.
According to the Times, different medical and political organizations are trying to help the poor community by offering their services.
The article by the Times was a great news feature story because they covered the issue of this small community and how they survive but that they are in need of much help from the outside world.
It was a great story, very interesting, great descriptions and quotes to help pull the reader into the story, and it ended well with a quote.

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