Teenager brings gun to school

An eighth-grader pointed a loaded handgun at students and staff at Hastings Middle School on Monday and was charged with five felonies on Wednesday.
According to the Star Tribune, the student brought the gun to school in order to scare some of his classmates who had been treating him badly.
The 14-year-old boy's name cannot be disclosed because of his age, but according to the Tribune he has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault, and one count each of making terroristic threats and criminal damage to property.
The boy had tried to shoot the gun a few times but he had the wrong cartridges in the handgun he took from his foster parents. No one was injured.
The story from the Tribune was very thorough and organized as they interviewed a few people about the story.
They got good information and went to the scene and talked to a few people to make sure they got the full story.
The story talked about the bigger picture of crime and bullying in schools and how it can no longer be tolerated.
The story however could have ended a little better by adding a quote to the end, otherwise it was a well rounded story.

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