Web, a way of entertainment for China

Although google has somewhat pulled away from China, they still have their own ways of using the internet.
According to The New York Times, China has it's own popular search engines and social networking sites that they use for entertainment.
For the typical college student in China, the web is a useful source for entertainment where they can download shows, music and write their own blogs.
The web is popular to many people in China, not only college students, and according to the Times, a study showed that China is much more connected to the Web than Americans with 400 million internet users.
Along with the excitement of the Web, comes critics who are afraid of the power the Web continues to have on it's viewers, but according to the Times young people of China are not excited about the Web so that they can use it for a means of rebellion, but for the variety of social and entertainment options.
The article by the Times was a good news feature story because it discussed the issue of the web in China and got some good quotes from students and others. It also ended well with a good quote.

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