Police seeking man at Bomb scene

According to The New York Times, the police were looking over the surveillance footage of the failed car bomb found in Times Square on Saturday night, and they saw a white man about in his 40s walking away from the scene looking over his shoulder and removed a layer of clothing.
The police said that if the bomb went off, there would have been some broken windows and some people would have been killed but no buildings would have collapsed.
Although polce have discovering new things on the surveillance footage they have not however came to any conclusions on who was involved in the incident.
The article by the Times was a very thourough discription of the survelliance videos they had been looking at.
The article also was good at describing the situatuon and what was going on currently with the bombing.
I think it was a good article and it had a lot of good quotes to keep it moving and to keep it interesting.

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