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Efforts to revive Greece in Debt could be stalled

Paris, Greece is bankrupt and signed a financial bailout deal with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.
According to The New York Times, people are afraid they won't be able to ever get out of their debt.
Although people are afraid, some government officials say that there is still hope for Greece and their financial troubles.
The story by the Times was full of quotes and that helped to keep it interesting and also to verify that it was investigated very thoroughly.
It was a good story and it started out with what people are having troubles with and then ended with hope and a quote that really brought it back together in the end.

Web, a way of entertainment for China

Although google has somewhat pulled away from China, they still have their own ways of using the internet.
According to The New York Times, China has it's own popular search engines and social networking sites that they use for entertainment.
For the typical college student in China, the web is a useful source for entertainment where they can download shows, music and write their own blogs.
The web is popular to many people in China, not only college students, and according to the Times, a study showed that China is much more connected to the Web than Americans with 400 million internet users.
Along with the excitement of the Web, comes critics who are afraid of the power the Web continues to have on it's viewers, but according to the Times young people of China are not excited about the Web so that they can use it for a means of rebellion, but for the variety of social and entertainment options.
The article by the Times was a good news feature story because it discussed the issue of the web in China and got some good quotes from students and others. It also ended well with a good quote.

Poland mourns but begins to rebuild

The body of Poland's President Lech Kaczynski was returned to the capital on Sunday, while the country mourned.
According to The New York Times, there were many people at the event who were saddened by what happened to the President.
In the story by the Times, they had lot of quotes from people who were there. They had quotes almost every other paragraph which helped the readers understand and relate to the story.
It was also a great scene piece because the reporter was right there at the scene and described the people there, their surroundings and what they were doing. By writing like that, it helped the reader get into the scene as if they were there themselves.
The story ended really well because they transitioned from the saddness of the deaths and into how the country plans to rebuild and they ended with a nice quote from the former prime minister.

Founder of Jamaica Drug Gang died Sunday.

Vivian Blake, former top leader of the "Jamaican Shower Posse" died Sunday, according to The New York Times, at 54-years-old.
According to the Times, Blake was responsible for more than 1,400 drug-related killings in the United States in the 1980's.
He died Sunday night in Kingston, Jamaica, at the University hospital of the West Indies. The Times article however, was quite vague on the reasoning behind Blakes death, but information from The Associated Press in an article posted in The Washington Post, gives better ideas about how he died.
According to the AP, Blake died after suffering a heart attack. He also had kidney disease and was receiving dialysis treatment. The Times also mentioned that he had diabetes as well.
According to the AP, Blake had been doing fine days before the heart attack and the Times mentioned that he had been living at home in Jamaica writing a screenplay about his life.
The AP also said that Blake was 53-years-old, not 54 as the Times states. So it's hard to be clear on the actual age of death.
In the article written by the AP, they seem to have a much better lede than the Times' article by adding more precise information about how Blake was involved in the cocaine wars of the 1980's.
In the Times article they go into great detail about Blakes past, and about how he came to the U.S. and stayed there to start his drug business and his gang in Brooklyn called "American affiliate of the shower posse" in 1973.
Blake had an illegal drug distribution network from Miami to New York to LA and even Anchorage, according to the Times. Also, according to the AP, he was responsible for 1,000 tons of drugs being brought into the U.S.
According to the Times, Blake had a warrant out for his arrest in 1988 because of the 1984 killings of five people, in a Miami crack house, that he was responsible for.
Blake was arrested in 1999 according to the Times and the AP said that Blake got a 28-year sentence but was released on parole after eight years.
Blake had only been out of prison for about a year when he died according to both articles.
The Times article ended with some quotes from Blakes daughter, bringing the audience back to reality that, although Blake had a bad past, he also died and left a family at home to live without him.
According to the Times, Blake was survived by his two kids, his wife and four grandchildren.
The AP ending was much less flowery and full of sentiments and more dry, pointless, and confusing than the Times article. They ended their article with the strange death of Blakes brother who wasn't mentioned previous and leaves the audience wondering why they care.
The Times article was longer and full of background information on Blake. They also had an image of Blake to look at so as to get a good idea about who he was. The AP story was shorter, more straightforward and to the point with no pictures of Blake.

The Pope, Distraught after hearing News of Sex Scandal.

Pope Benedict XVI was in deep shock after hearing the news of alligations of a new sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Germany.
According to a story on CNN, Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, president of German bishops, sat down to discuss the scandal with the pope on Friday.
The pope was said to be distraught after hearing the news but he encouraged catholic leaders in Germany to do furthur investigations into the allegations.
Although Zollitsch asked for forgiveness to the victims, the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is far from being resolved.
According to the report on CNN, 170 cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church have been reported since January alone.
In a more in depth report from The Associated Press, they found that Germany's sex scandal may have something to do with the pope himself.
According to the AP, the popes former archdiocese said that when the pope was archbishop in 1977 to 1982, that he let a suspected pediphile priest transfer to a job where he later was charged with abusing children.
The AP also reported that the Catholic Church may be in trouble with the law after a Vatican document was found instructing bishops to keep such cases secret.
The church later said that they had no intention of obstructing justice, or of not notifying the police when issues of sexual abuse appear.
According to both CNN and The Associated Press, the sexual abuse scandal is undergoing further investigation.

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