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Local student is rewarded for her research

Hannah Borowsky has been rewarded for her research on teen attitudes toward smoking with a $35,000 scholarship.
According to The Star Tribune, Borowsky won for scientific research in the Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition.
It was a pretty good story, that seemed interesting and had a few good quotes.
What I thought was most interesting in this story is that it was written by a University of Minnesota student.
She was on assignment for the Star Tribune so it was very technical and had the quote at the end, and the quote towards the beginning as a money quote.
She was using what she had been learning in her story.

Boy dies after fight

17-year-old Marquise Woodbury was killed while trying to flee gunfire with other young people after a party ended and a fight broke out in Brooklyn Park.
According to The Star Tribune no arrests have been made but police say that the killing is currently under investigation.
The story by the Tribune was a very thorough story that was a good length and detailed what had happened in the killing.
They had a few quotes but it would have been better with a little more, but they ended with a good quote saying that the kids in the area should learn from what had happened.

Anoka County decides whether or not to release rapist

Ming Sen Shiue started his federal prison sentence for rape and murder in 1981, and after 30 years in prison, Anoka County is trying to decide whether or not he is still a threat.
According to The Star Tribune, Shiue was undergoing treatment that was supposed to help cure him of some of his problems, but experts strictly said when he came into treatment that he was a very dangerous man.
On Monday, Anoka County District Judge Jenny Walker Jasper will hold a three-day trial to decide whether Shiue from Minnesota's past is finally "cured'' or is still a threat to public safety.
People from the area are very concerned that if Shiue is freed, he might try and hurt someone else, and some don't believe that a person can simply be cured from something like that, that it stays with them forever.
The article ends well with a good quote and it is a good news article because it talks about the issue of whether or not to free Shiue and what might happen if he is released.

Minneapolis prepares for tornado season

Businesses downtown Minneapolis always believed they were safe from tornado's because in the past they never came near the city, but last summer changed a lot of peoples minds when tornado's touched down all over the Minneapolis area.
Businesses such as the Electric Fetus, who got hit last summer, are preparing for this years tornado season, according to The Star Tribune.
The tornado's that touched down last summer were the first in 29 years to actually strike within the city, and people are hoping it wont happen again.
According to the Tribune, the weather channels are reminding residents of the Twin Cities, that although they have been having mild weather, that the storms are on their way and that it is possible to have tornado's touch down in the Twin Cities area once again.
The story by the Tribune was a good story about the issue of storms coming this summer and what businesses and people of the Twin Cities area are doing to prepare for the upcoming weather.
The story also ended with a good quote saying that you never know what could happen so it's a good idea to plan ahead.

Chasing North Shore Streams

On Lake Superior up by the North Shore, the streams are perfect and ready for fishing.
According to the Star Trubune, one of their reporters was there to interview people who were there fishing.
The article started out with a great story of winter being over and how it's the perfect time to get out there and start fishing.
Then they had a nice quote from a fisherman from Duluth who was there, and then they transitioned into a great description of their scenery so the readers could experience it as well.
The story then ended with them catching a fish.
It was great scene reporting and a great piece about the North Shore and getting ready to fish for the summer.
The story really brought the readers into the scene.

Teenager brings gun to school

An eighth-grader pointed a loaded handgun at students and staff at Hastings Middle School on Monday and was charged with five felonies on Wednesday.
According to the Star Tribune, the student brought the gun to school in order to scare some of his classmates who had been treating him badly.
The 14-year-old boy's name cannot be disclosed because of his age, but according to the Tribune he has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault, and one count each of making terroristic threats and criminal damage to property.
The boy had tried to shoot the gun a few times but he had the wrong cartridges in the handgun he took from his foster parents. No one was injured.
The story from the Tribune was very thorough and organized as they interviewed a few people about the story.
They got good information and went to the scene and talked to a few people to make sure they got the full story.
The story talked about the bigger picture of crime and bullying in schools and how it can no longer be tolerated.
The story however could have ended a little better by adding a quote to the end, otherwise it was a well rounded story.

Michael Gramling, volunteer for Powderhorn Park, dies.

Michael Gramling, the president of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, died March 19 at his home from colin cancer, he was 54.
According to The Star Tribune, Gramling did whatever he could to make Powderhorn Park a better place to live, work and play.
In the article by the Tribune, they start with a nice story about what Gramling liked to do for hobbies and then they brought up his passion for volunteering.
Gramling organized alley cleanups, flower planting and cultural celebrations. He made volunteering a priority, said the Tribune.
The article has a lot of personality to pull readers in because of the use of quotes from two of Gramlings friends, his brother and someone he worked with. This gives the readers a good idea about who Gramling was and how people saw him.
The story had a great ending because it ended with a nice quote from his brother. The only thing this story lacked was more information about Gramling and if he had any survivors.
The article had no history about where he came from or what he used to do and it was unclear about if he had a family or not.
Otherwise it was very personable and very nice to read.

Sportswriter, Scott Papillon, dies at 60.

Scott Papillon, a sportswriter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis from 1977 - 1981, died at the age of 60.
According to The Star Tribune, Papillon died of melonoma on March 19 at his home in New Brighton, Minn.
The article by the Tribune starts off great with a story that pulls the readers into the life of Papillon. They continue to talk about his career and about why he is important to the readers interests.
Papillon covered local professional and collegiate teams, wrote a novel and worked for Medtronic. He was also the first to interview one of the Vikings quarterbakcs after their final game and even beat the National press on a story about Muhammad Ali, according to the Tribune.
The article then moves from his career to his personal life, by inserting quotes from his coworker and his wife. This adds more personality to the article and helps the readers connect with the story.
It was interesting how the beginning of the article starts off with stories about his career before telling the readers how he died. It forces the readers to get to know Papillon as he lived before telling them how he died.
The article then gives a good brief history of his life and past events before it talks about who Papillon left behind.
Papillon was survived by his wife, son, parents and three brothers.
The article was very personal and interesting, the only problem was the ending. It might have been better with another quote from his wife, otherwise a very good well rounded obituary.

Superintendent for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation committee, Jon Gurban, is getting replaced after years of service.
The Star Tribune reported in a short article, that the board decided not to renew the contract of the controversial Gurban, who headed parks since 2003.
According to the Star Tribune, the board is hiring a temporary superintendent, David Fisher to fill Gurbans spot until they find a new full time person for the job.
Fisher has worked for Minneapolis parks for 29 years and the board was pleased with their decision to hire him for the tempory job.
In a longer, more in depth story from City pages, the board seemed to be fed up with the way Gurban had been handling things and they decided to replace him.
According to City Pages, Gurban kept the board in near constant tumult for years because of his terrible ability to work with the public and his bad temper.
City Pages also went in depth to discover how Gurban got hired in the first place, and they dicovered that it hadn't been done without controversey.
One of the members of the board said that hiring Gurban would have been disrespectful and a national embarrassment.
Although there was controversy, Gurban got the majority vote and became one of the most powerful park superintendents in the country.
According to City Pages, Gurban is happy to be leaving but believes that he has done good work as a superintendent despite what the board had to say.
For now, Fisher will take Gurbans place until the board can come up with a new full time superintendent, and according to City Pages, they have a big job ahead of them.

Suspect of Bank Robbery Arrested and charged Friday.

Damell R. Maull, 27, was charged Friday for robbing a south Minneapolis Wells Fargo Bank on Chicago avenue, March 4.
According to the Star Tribune, two men entered into the bank with pistols and told everyone to get down as they grabbed cash from behind the counter and fled the scene.
Maull's roommate recognized Maull on the banks surviellence tapes and after her and Maull's home was robbed a few days after the robbery, she notified the police.
According to KARE11 Maull had given $1,200 to his girlfriend and $4,500 to his roommate not long after the robbery had taken place.
Although Maull gave some of his stolen money away, he found time to spend it the day of the robbery and according to both the Star Tribune and KARE11, bought himself some new clothes, a diamond ring, a brand new Cadillac, and three pounds of marijuana.
Police have yet to find the second suspect involved in the crime but Maull faces one count of aggravated first-degree robbery.

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