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Police seeking man at Bomb scene

According to The New York Times, the police were looking over the surveillance footage of the failed car bomb found in Times Square on Saturday night, and they saw a white man about in his 40s walking away from the scene looking over his shoulder and removed a layer of clothing.
The police said that if the bomb went off, there would have been some broken windows and some people would have been killed but no buildings would have collapsed.
Although polce have discovering new things on the surveillance footage they have not however came to any conclusions on who was involved in the incident.
The article by the Times was a very thourough discription of the survelliance videos they had been looking at.
The article also was good at describing the situatuon and what was going on currently with the bombing.
I think it was a good article and it had a lot of good quotes to keep it moving and to keep it interesting.

Living in America with no electricity or water

Fermin Roman, a resident of the Pajarito Mesa, a treeless plateau outside of Albuquerque has waited 20 years for the electricity and water his seller had promised him years ago.
According to The New York Times, the Mesa is now home to 400 families, one of the largest communities to survive totally off the grid without water, electricity, water, streets, and mail.
The residents there live an old fashioned life while they haul purchased water to elevated tanks that feed the sinks, toilets and showers.
According to the Times, the residents there use solar panels to run lights and wood stoves for heat, while the refrigerator and stove run on propane.
The community consists of mostly Hispanic people who are poor and some are illegal immigrants.
According to the Times, different medical and political organizations are trying to help the poor community by offering their services.
The article by the Times was a great news feature story because they covered the issue of this small community and how they survive but that they are in need of much help from the outside world.
It was a great story, very interesting, great descriptions and quotes to help pull the reader into the story, and it ended well with a quote.

Families gather at Dover

At 4:20 a.m. on Easter Sunday in Dover Air force base, Del., a pair of flag-covered cases with the remains of two Marines, who were both killed the previous week in Afghanistan, were carried out of a plane into the sight of their waiting families.
In the article by The New York Times, they describe the scene at the airport of the families who had to see their dead sons carried out of the plane, and the surroundings of the event.
The story was a good scene piece but they didn't have as many quotes as they could have and they didn't put the first one into the story until quite a few paragraphs in.
Although it could have used a little more description and quotes thoughout the story, it ended pretty well with a quote so overall it was a pretty good scene piece.

Blanche Thebom, star at the Met and Beyond, dies at 94.

Blanche Thebom, a star mezzo-soprano singer at the Met and Beyond from the 1940's to the 1960's, had done more than 350 performances before she died Tuesday, at her home in San Francisco at 94-years-old.
According to The New York Times, Thebom was discovered as a teen and performed many years with the Metropolitan Opera. She was the first midcentury wave of American opera singers to attain international careers.
Thebom was considered to be an immediate success throughout her years as a singer, and recorded albums and even appeared in movies before her last performance at the Met in 1967, said the Times.
According to the Times, Thebom later directed the opera program at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. She then moved to San Fransico, where she taught privatley and helped create a training program for younger singers.
Thebom was divorced and had no immediate family. In the article by the Times, they seemed to have focused her life on her work because she didn't have a family who could talk about her life.
In the Times' article they showed a picture of Thebom in her younger years so the readers could she her at the height of her success, but they had no recent pictures to show what she had looked like before she died.
The article by the Times had a very good and clear lede. They helped the readers understand why Thebom was important and why they should care.
The Times article however did not give a cause of death, but it can only be assumed that Thebom died of old age because she was 94-years-old. It only mentioned that her death had been confirmed by her friend.
The article had a good history of past events, so the audience could see who Thebom was before she was famous, but the only thing that could have made the story better would be more quotes from people who knew her.
The article lacked personality from friends and coworkers. Although Thebom didn't have an immediate family, she was a famous singer who lived for 94 years, she is bound to have a lot of friends and people who knew her.
Having quotes from friends, coworkers, or fans would have made the story a lot more interesting and would have pulled the readers into the story more than it did. The Times only had quotes that they, themselves, had mentioned about Thebom in the past.
Overall, the article was a very good obituary and a nice way to recognize Thebom and the difference she has made in the world.

Whale served at Sushi Restaurant causes Protests

A sushi chef was charged with serving illegal whale at a California restaurant called The Hump, while protestors marched in front of the restaurants doors for hours on Thursday.
According to the Reuters news source, Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, the chef at the restaurant violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act which makes it illegal to sell any kind of whale meat.
Federal Prosecuters filed charges against Yamamoto and the restaurant following the allegations.
According to The Associated Press, the type of whale that was being served was called a Sei whale and they are an endangered species protected by international treaties.
Although the restaurant accepts full responsibility for serving the whale, they could pay up to $200,000 if convicted.
Yamamoto could face up to a year in prison if convicted and a fine of $100,000.
The AP reports that the U.S. attorneys office is still investigating the source of the whale meat.

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