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Abuse case moves forward in Vatican politics

Two former Mexican seminarians had gone to the Vatican in 1998 delivering a case saying that there had been decades of sexual abuse by one of the most powerful priests in the Roman Catholic Church, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado.
According to The New York Times, the sex scandal case has been going on for a long time at the Vatican Church and it just seems to be moving forward into new discoveries.
The story by the Times was a very long story that discussed all of the issues the Vatican has been facing in this sex scandal.
I thought it was a very good investigative story that had a lot of good quotes and it ended with a great quote too.
The story ended letting the readers decide what they should believe.

Icelands future after the eruption

In Reykjavik, Iceland, the people there are deciding what their future will be after the eruption of the volcano last week.
Iceland has had their own financial troubles in the past and they are looking at this eruption as a sigh of relief because it was something they had no control over according to The New York Times.
Although the eruption has caused a lot of cancellations in air traffic the actual affects for the Icelanders themselves, excluding the farmers right below the mountain, have actually been minimal.
According to the Times, the people of Iceland are living life quite normally and are not apologizing to those who think they should feel bad for the air traffic cancellations, they aren't sorry for something they had no control over.
The Times' article goes on to discuss the history of Iceland's volcanic eruptions and financial issues and talks about how the people of Island are standing their ground.
It was a good article that discussed more in depth the issue that Iceland is facing right now and how they feel about it.
The story ended really well with a great quote from someone who said that there is never a dull moment in Iceland.

101 Dalmations Theatre Production

The 101 Dalmations is playing at the Madison Square Gardens Theatre and kids are really enjoying it.
According to The New York Times the show uses real dalmations along with people in costume.
The story by the Times describes what it's like to be at the show and gets some good quotes from people who saw the show.
The story could have used a little more description and some more quotes to pull the reader into the story a bit more.

Associated Press Photographer, Marty Lederhandler, dies.

Marty Lederhandler died Thursday at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J. at the age of 92.
According to The Associated Press, Lederhandler was a photographer for them for six decades and has captured on film every U.S. President from Hoover to Bill Clinton, he covered the D-Day landing in 1944 and captured shots on September 11 of the world trade center.
In the article by the AP, they don't give their readers any flowery little story about the persons life, instead they get straight to the point and tell us why he is important. Which is good, but not always so interesting.
The article then has a quote from Lederhandlers companion which helps the readers get into the story along with the other quotes from his coworkers which helps the readers get to know Lederhandler a little more.
Then the article goes into Lederhandles history which seems to be rather long and uninteresting because the AP get to the point and don't seem to try and make it interesting for the readers.
They should have chosen a few interesting facts to write about rather then them all, because it was too long.
Although the history was too long, they did end with a good quote to bring the readers back to a personal level.
According to the AP, Lederhandler was survived by his companion, brother, and two sister-in-laws.

Brutal killings of Americans by Drug Traffickers

Three Americans were shot dead by drug traffickers over the weekend at the border town of El Paso.
According to the Herald, the three who were killed were U.S. consulate employees, but their children who were with survived.
Secratary of the State Hillary Clinton said they would work with the Mexican government in finding and punishing the people who comitted the brutal killings.
According to the New York Times the FBI is currently investigating the killings.

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