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I was very interested in our discussion that we had on Wednesday and I could tell everyone else was interested as well. It's interesting how Oullette talks about the after effect that TV shows like The Biggest Looser" has on the participants and also for the viewers. There are so many elements that could be explored here and the discussion provided many questions. Obesity as we know it has become an epidemic in the United States. I am not going to say and nor should it ever be a disease but something needs to be done about the situation. I think Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is certainly a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see the number of fat people that will exist in schools after this project has been in affect for awhile.

When I was in middle school they allowed us three different options for food: hamburgers, pizza, or cook's choice. Rarely did the cooks choice provide a healthy option and was normally disgusting so I had hamburgers and pizza every day. Also on top of that we had an A La Carte line that had slushes, cookies, and other baked goods that I would usually end up getting everyday. Despite all of this I was playing sports all the time and so worrying about my weight was never a problem. But for those who can't afford to pay sports or pay for healthy meals I sympathize with. It seemed like I was in middle school that obesity was still a big problem but not as big as it is today. That being said kids who were consuming meals like these in middle school may have ended up become obese overtime.However I do believe that there are healthier options out their for people to eat that are just as affordable as eating fast food. Someone brought up the point of instead of buying a cheeseburger to satisfy you for one meal buy three heads of lettuce for the same price and eat that the whole week instead. I think that there are options out there for people to eat healthy for poorer people but they do not take advantage of them because fast food is easier for them.

I think that it all starts with self-control and if you can't stop eating junk food at whatever point you are in your life and become big enough to be on The Biggest Looser then a change does need to happen in their life. I love junk food and have a huge sweet food but I don't consume it for every meal; I have it in small portions after a meal and try to limit them because they are not good for your diet. But these people eating junk food constantly and ballooning up to 500 pound astounds me because they are choosing to eat that food for every meal and they continue to eat this until they get bigger. And then who's to blame? Fast food restaurants, the expensive prices for organic and healthy foods, the food they are serving at the schools? No, I think that if we start to become more healthy and more affordable in those areas than that's a step in the right direction but I think the real blame goes on the people who are fat and getting fatter by showing a lack of self-control. Dieting sucks and is hard but you better believe that I would be willing to do that if my life was at stake.
Sorry for the ranting :)

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