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I thought that Johnson brought up some great points in his "Old Growth Media and the Future of News." I myself have never been the kind of person where I think that the future is the only thing to focus on and instead loosing sights of our authentic pasts. What I mean by this is back before internet and internet news stories, the journalists who wrote the information about an event or news story were fully-qualified and were not able to publish anything that was inaccurate or too-opinionated. Now we can type in on Google "Boston Marathon" and choose to visit a blog that a person who was interested in this event but not fully qualified as a journalist, and if that blog entry becomes popular enough than that is the information you will find on Google's type pages after you type this in. I think this is very deceiving because of how many things in that person's blog post could be inaccurate. Odds are is that they got there information from the internet as well rather than go and interview people that experienced this horrible disaster and spending the last week working on the article. There are many smart and perhaps "qualified journalists" that do post blogs that are valid and they have done there research before. But now a days people can go on and post something right after it happened about their thoughts and opinions and if it seems to make sense to its readers and becomes popular then that is what will pop up in Google when you search for that event.

I don't like that the web has turned into of where the information that we type in is based off it's popularity and not it's validity. There is now a freedom to pretty much post whatever you feel like (with extreme exceptions of course) but I don't think that this is the way people should be receiving their information about news stories and other important events. Because what these people are getting when reading these blog posts are opinionated, half-research, and unqualified posts that have the ability to reach the first page on various search engines if popular enough. I think that the information that we receive about a news story or event should come from journalist professionals who know what they are talking about and have done their research about this event. This way we are receiving the information now should be noticed and recognized as Johnson has pointed out and I do think that the information about news stories and events should be documented by the professionals who write about them and not about the posted in the form of a blog in which the person posting is unqualified.

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Johnson brings up the fact that there aren't as many investigative journalists as there used to be and instead the people publishing this information are bloggers and "seedlings" to interesting projects. Do you think it is a good thing that bloggers can post anything that is on their mind without being qualified as an investigative journalist or do you think we should try and limit these seedlings of blog posts and other articles in order to help improve the validity of the news stories?

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