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What helped me best understand Hall's, "Encoding/Decoding" was the brief lecture at the beginning of the class and the group activity. I did find his reading a bit hard to read but the definitions to his words and more in-depth meaning of his writing really helped me in comprehending the material. I know the VW ad was talked a lot about last week but I would like to state my personal experience with this ad by demonstrating the three different codes that Hall uses in his paper. After analyzing this piece of media through the Media Literacy Project we read last week I believe that this will provide with me even better insight on Hall's three types of coding.
The first type of coding as seen on page 174 of Hall's work is the dominant-hegemonic position. In this position I will take connoted meaning from this advertisement and decode the message in terms of the reference code in which it has been encoded. As someone who has lived in Minnesota their whole life, I can identify with the person in this ad and I do agree it when people when others describe people living in this state as being, "Minnesota Nice." I like what VW is doing in this ad because it is making me happy about the stressful things in life. When I buy this car I will constantly remind myself not to stress too much and always have a smile on my face. My negotiated code or position from this ad would be something like, it may sounds a bit racist but the guy in the ad means well. Also I find this type of VW Bug a lot more appeal-able then the earlier ones they have come out with. It would be nice to have a car like this to get great gas mileage and to associate with a company that is trying to make me happy. My logic in this position has been followed through Hall's example as he states, "...these logic's are sustained by their differential and unequal relation to the discourses and logic's of power." Finally, the oppositional code. Through this position I will play the devil's advocate and try and decode the message of this ad in a globally contrary way. This ad is nothing but offensive. All I can think about is how racist it is because a white person from Minnesota has a Jamaican accent. VW is a bunch of racists and the fact they would air this during the Superbowl is the worst form of racism that our country has ever seen.
I did notice in class that there was some people who took the oppositional stance for this ad. I couldn't help but think why this was. I know that everyone doesn't think the same as me and everyone has different opinions but I still couldn't understand it. After thinking about it a little more I would lead to the conclusion that I am an optimist person and always love to view the cup half full.

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