22 rescued from sinking party boat in San Francisco

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A bachelor party being hosted on San Francisco Bay's "only floating wine tasting room" was evacuated after the boat hit a shoal and began to sink near Alcatraz Island Friday night, the Star Tribune reported.

The boat began to sink after a 1-foot gash started leaking on the left side of the boat, and 22 passengers and crew members were evacuated, reported the Star Tribune.

The San Francisco Fire Department said the boat began to take on water at 8:30 p.m., only 20 minutes after the passenger's party had started, reports CBS news.

Groom-to-be Matthew Rice told CBS San Francisco, "I think I was the one concerned, because I don't really like boats, but everyone else was loving it."

Witnesses said the coast guard cutter and other small boats came to rescue the passengers of The Neptune, who were all "good humored" about the situation, reports the Star Tribune.

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