Giant Pumpkins Brings Neighborhood Together

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Golden Valley Drive neighbors felt a little more adventurous than just joining together to grow plants and vegetables reports the Golden Valley Patch.

Every year, 25-30 families come together to grow their vegetable of choice: giant pumpkins. This years record was an 881.5 pound gourd, reports the Star Tribune.

Although 20 families usually try to participate, usually only about 8 pumpkins make it to weigh-in day.

In the last 16 years, the small neighborhood get together has turned into a full out festival.

This year, more than 700 people were in attendance to enjoy the parade, DJ, pony rides, hayrides, and custom made t-shirts, reported the Star Tribune.

Although there are bragging rights to see who can grow the heaviest pumpkins, George Abide, one of the founding fathers, told Golden Valley Patch it's about the feeling of community.

"It gives us an excuse to walk in our neighbor's yards, talk and check out the pumpkins," Abide said. "It's about being neighbors, not about the pumpkins."

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