Man Linked to Oldest Unsolved Homicide in Maine after Fake Chewing Gum Survey

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The DNA taken from a homeless man after a phony "chewing gum survey" has linked Gary Sanford Raub to a 1976 murder, reported the Huffington Post.

Nearly three decade ago, 70-year-old Blanche Kimball was found dead in her home, after neighbors had reported her missing. Kimball had 23 stab wounds to the chest, two to the abdomen, 16 lacerations to the head, and three cuts on her hands, reported the Huffington Post.

Raub, a tenent of Kimball, was originally a suspect, but no one was ever charged with the murder. Maine detectives had continued to work on her case, commited to finding justice for Kimball, reports ABC news.

Raub, now 63 was living homeless in Seattle. His DNA from the "chewing gum survey" matched a blood splatter on Kimball's kitchen drawer. He has been charged with murder and first-degree criminal homicide.

Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland is pleased at the hard work of the dectectives. "This is the oldest cold case cracked in Maine, so there's great satisfaction here," McCausland told ABC news.

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