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The progression of ABC's article deals with a very broad span of time, and the progression of the article is crucial for the audience's understanding.

The author begins with the recent arrest of a man linked to a crime in 1976. The background of the victim of the crime committed is then given, along with the dedicated detectives who never stopped investigating the crime.

The article then progresses to give details on the odd "gum survey" that led to the victim's DNA being identified as blood splattered on the victim's kitchen cabinet. The article then concludes with the upcoming trial information, and the consequences if the man is proven guilty.

The article is written in chronological time, with the exception of the background of the crime. Since the crime was almost 30 years ago, giving the details is important to gain the interest of the audience.

This article was very effective. The title had a shock value, its progression was easy to follow and is engaging to audiences.

Analysis: Car bomb kills 17 in Pakistan bazaar

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In the Star Tribune's article, "Car bomb kills 17 in Pakistan bazaar," the author begins with a description of the bomb that was set off on Saturday, but then reviews the state of the Palastani Taliban and their recent shooting of a 14-year-old girl.

The author of this story uses several different sources. Multiple were cited in each aspect that the author covered, mainly from several government and military officials. The 14-year-old victim teacher's also gave a personal statement regarding the well being of the students after the incident.

Some sources remained un-named when information was reported. For example, the author gives attribution for the fact that 17 people were killed by ending the sentence with "officials said." When specific information or statements were given, a person was named attributing the facts. For example, "Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain blamed the Pakistani Taliban."

The sources are not from records, as these events have been happened within the last week and are still developing. The attributions given in the article are very effective. Not only does the author attribute information previously released by the media, he gives attribution to new information that further the article's information.

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