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Justin Bieber's Mom Visits Twin Cities

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Justin Bieber's mom stopped in at Minneapolis's Cupcake to be interviewed by the Pioneer Press Friday morning.

Pattie Mallette is in town to make an appearance at the Women of Faith event in downtown St. Paul. Malette has a newly published book entitled "Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom."

In her book, Mallette tells the painful details of her life-from child abuse, domestic abuse, a suicide attempt and life as a struggling teenage single mother. "Even though I deal with heavy subject matter in the book, it's not a depressing book," Mallette told the Pioneer Press.

In the forward that Justin writes from his mom's book, he says "my mother is the strongest women I've ever met."

In interview with Cities92, Mallette says that she hopes that her new book can help people who are in similar situations. She also is in the process of creating her own foundation called "Nowhere but up."

An outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to tainted steroid medication continues to spread, killing 15, with Minnesota being one of the states affected reports NBC news.

Nearly 14,000 have been potentially injected with the tainted steroid injection compounded at New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts. 205 cases have been confirmed, and 15 have been killed, says Reuters.

The Massachusetts-based company is now under extreme scrutiny for its practices, and faces possible lawsuits.

A Minnesota woman has filed what could be the first lawsuit over the outbreak, reports NBC. The woman filed her cause in the Minnesota federal court after experiencing symptoms consistent with meningitis after given a steroid injection for back pain. om/_news/2012/10/12/14391931-woman-files-what-may-be-first-lawsuit-over-meningitis-outbreak">

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