July 28, 2004

Facilitating Online Learning

Key facilitator roles (chs. 3-4):
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July 26, 2004

Necessary Ingredients

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Doering, A. (2004). Necessary ingredients. Powerpoint presentation as part of Building Online Communities class, University of Minnesota, July 26, 2004.

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Critical Questions

How do we build community?
BLOGs, pictures/bios, student presentations, inspiration (concept mapping)

How do we get to know someone without meeting them?
History, Pictures, Audio (voice), attachments (papers), ask questions

How do we make it meaningful learning for students?
Connect to personal schemas (contexts), techno-friendly, connected to previous learning and stimulating further learning, valuable/useful for the learner, something they want to share, accomplish student goals, cooperative (truly learning together), timely/needed

What are the tools you want to give students to communicate?
Threaded discussion, chat rooms, video, audio Inspiration (students purchase as if they would a textbook)
Problem based environment with over-arching theme where it is the student's mutual purpose to find solutions
-Of the tech tools avaliable, what is best for our clientele (don't assume newest is best)
-What tech can be used in addition, on the side (i.e. Inspiration)

How facilitate student to student communication?
All share intellectual resources, peer review and critique

How make it aesthitically pleasing?
Look at other websites. How do they make you feel? What is inviting?
-How can aesthetics enhance safe and comfortable feel?

How do we get students to need the community; instill intrinsic motivation?
-Learning groups of 3-4
-Assign specific tasks (accomplish this, present this, solve this)
-Work toward bigger/capstone project that motivates people to do well and learn

Is there an anonymous area to discuss?

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July 24, 2004

Forms of dialogue

Scaffold students into a pragmatic discussion bulding on the three forms of dialogue:

1. Social (ideal weekend)
2. Argumentative (Bush v. Perry)
3. Pragmatic (submit idea for building online community)
(a) specific goal (b) group working on goal

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1. Define purpose of community and establish daily problem-based goal
2. Create distinct gathering place - where will we meet in the online environment?
3. Promote effective leadership from within
4. Define norms and clear code of conduct
5. Assure a wide range and variety for member's roles
6. Members resolve their own disputes and have a place to go when they can't get it worked out

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July 19, 2004

Teacher's Role

"Guide on the side"
Design learning environment that best engages students
Stimulate dialogue
Release control - give it to students

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