September 23, 2004

BOT Review

1999 Review Document: (weblink coming)

BOT Rules for Parent Education

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September 17, 2004

Syllabi and Comparison

Course Comparison Grid: Download file

Most Recent Course Syllabi:
FE 5698: Download file
FE 5701: Download file
FE 5702: Download file
FE 5712: Download file
FE 5796: Download file

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August 9, 2004

"Welcome to the World of Parent Education"

- Holistic program
- Front portal webpage with links
- Introduction, orientation for prospective students
- Information, FAQs, Registration link, Application link, Course (WEBCT) link

- How do we organize and structure program online as a program?
- Will the University/College allow our own portal?
- Can we get our own URL?
- How can we increase access (for the blind, hearing impaired, etc.)?

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