TV Viewing and Aggression in Children

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This is a very interesting topic that many are starting to take a closer look at. The online source of WebMD says that TV is directly correlated to aggression in children. However, they are unsure what kind of shows cause this sort of behavior."The correlation between violent media and aggression is larger than the effect that wearing a condom has on decreasing the risk of HIV," said Brad Bushman, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University at Ames who wrote a commentary accompanying the study in today's issue of the journal Science. This statistic stood out to me especially because it obviously is a very common occurrence. Other research shows that the aggression gets violent and causes more fights in very young children. One good thing about this topic, is that there has been an enormous amount of studies done that proves that TV viewing produces aggression in children. Some recommend that children under the age of 2 shouldn't even be exposed to any sort of visual media and that children over the age of 3 may be exposed to well under two hours. Overall, this topic isn't seen as a two sided deal. There are straight facts that prove the correlation and researchers continue to find more evidence every day.

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