IQ Testing In Jobs

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This topic has been seen as controversial for quite some time. In most cases, we have come to the conclusion that it isn't as important to have a high IQ when starting a new job. Often times, when entering the workplace, a candidate with a high IQ and a candidate with a low IQ, may be in the same boat because of their lack of experience in the field. Now days, we see experience and excellence in a specific field higher than a test that says you are knowledgeable. Employers want to see the experience piece in individuals seeking a position. The pros to having a high IQ test score is that the information is concrete in someone's head. They will be able to regurgitate information and have good memorizing abilities. The cons to this, is that in the workplace, we see that not everything has to do with the facts. There are a lot of different abilities workers may have that cannot be tested by an IQ exam. Overall, there are times to use the IQ tests and times to not. It is specific to the company, the employer, and what they are looking for in a productive employee.

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