GD Project 3- InDesign Document

Chapters 2 and 3

I found the quote, "are exact measurements or proportions more important," interesting. I really find it difficult in design decided which is right. I really don't like the idea of exact measurements because I like to have it more free.

I enjoyed the part about simplicity and how powerful can be. Although I do love a design that shows a lot of intense color and structure, I really for the most part like things to be minimal.

It was really interesting seeing the tiling of images and paintings that are from past times, showing how things like the golden ratio have been around for so long.

I'm currently working on a project in Typography 2 which involves grids. I found it helpful to see all of these grids laid out, showing how similar and separate that grids can be.

Mood Board


Here I showed a mood board of Andy Warhol and pop art. I intend to use some of his idea's in my project to show repetition and mass consuming.

Contemporary Design/Contemporary Issue


I chose this image because it relates to the idea of "I want you, for the US Army." I think it says something about how people feel today about war and shows design in it as well. I feel like people use this image of uncle sam and alter it often which can be quite amusing.

THE TERROR.... of Ronald McDonald

I found an article (in Adbusters) that features four pictures of a child wearing Ronald McDonald makeup in four different color schemes. I thought it was pretty funny how the article talked about how clowns are feared by most children and yet Ronald McDonald is such a favorite among young children. The article is pretty comedic but sad at the same time. The illustration in the picture really gives off the message that the article is portraying... Clowns really are evil.

Artist Statement

Poster 2- For this design I wanted to get across that fact that we all cohabitate. The colors that I chose were green and blue to signify water and earth. I made the image crowded and busy because I think it makes the image stronger and more interesting. I chose dwellings from across the world to show non-discrimination. The I is highlighted in white to show the phrase "I cohabitate."

Poster 1- I wanted to get across the idea of coexisting together and being equal with one another. We are all diverse people existing in the same universe. I think this image gets this idea across by showing us that we all come from the same place and are coexisting in the same world.

GD Poster Finals

Anatomy of Design


I thought this image tied in pretty well to the anatomy of design discussed in the article that I read. It shows the basic CMYK colors and how they intertwine. All it really features is a bunch of basic objects but I think that overall as an image that it is very strong.

Anatomy 2

I thought this article was interesting because it showed patterns and images we see everywhere but don't know how they originated. Immediately as I started reading, I thought of Andy Warhol. And then as I scrolled down I saw that it featured his art. I thought it was interesting how they began to repeat color and pattern to connect more to a universal audience rather than a particular person. We definitely still use these techniques in design.

Four Poster Designs