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Color Theory

What I found interesting about the reading on color theory was the relationship that color has with feelings and emotions. It shows how you can apply color to a certain design or piece of art to create a feeling for the viewer and to let them know what feeling you are trying to get across. I was also interested in how old color theory is and the process they took to develop it, how it wasn't just a single person. I also liked how it explained how colors mean different things in different cultures because it's something that I don't really think about very much. It was interesting that in some cultures, purple represented death. When I think of death, the only "color" that comes to mind is black.


Paul Lee
This artists inspires me because his work is so detailed and abstract. I look at it and want to know how it was done because I would love to learn his techniques. I really enjoyed his CD designs. They are really simple but seem like they took a lot of time and detail to make. He seems to have a lot of different style and techniques that he uses which is very inspiring.


The Astonish Me Problem

I really enjoyed the reading about The Astonish Me Problem because I think that we, as Graphic Designers, struggle with this problem. And I also think that we, as the public, struggle with this problem. I constantly look to do something new and interesting in my designs, but it's difficult to do. I enjoyed that most of the art shown in the article wasn't new, it showed me how some of this design came about. I just really enjoy the illusion that was created in these pieces of art and it make me want to use 3D in my art to make the surface more appealing. I think that the "fool the eye" technique is really appealing to the public.

Graphic Design

What I hope to learn in GD 1 is how Graphic Design is used in marketing, and persuasion techniques that are used to change the minds of the public. I would like to know what type of design and marketing techniques are wrong to use and which are right. I would also like to know what is popular right now and cutting edge in the Graphic Design world.

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