Minnesota Farmers' Market Association

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Address C/O Deonna Bouska, Operations Manager 18542 Driftwood Rd.
Clearwater, MN 55320

Email info@mfma.org
Phone Number (320) 420-1463
Website http://www.mfma.org

Goal or mission of organization: The MFMA...offering services and programs that support and promote Minnesota's farmers' markets.

Clientele served
The MFMA directly serves the needs of Farmers' Markets in Minnesota and the producers, vendors, consumers and supporting organizations that support our member markets.

Geographic area served The MFMA is a state-wide organization organized with Regional Directors appointed to provide assistance on a local level.

Current state of program The MFMA is a non-profit, state-wide supporting organization served by a formal Board of Directors and Advisors. The MFMA is an organization supporting the overall development and enhancement of farmers' markets within Minnesota with the intent of expanding the production and consumption of healthy local foods. The MFMA has a special interest in uniting local organizations, increasing food access within Minnesota's communities and increasing the ability of farmers' markets to accept food assistance programs. Assistance is provided directly to farmers' markets or affiliated producers that are interested in accepting food assistance programs. Currently, through our SNAP program, farmers' markets are receiving financial and technical assistance as they begin accepting SNAP during the 2011-2012 seasons.

Capacity for local food work The MFMA's Board of Directors & Advisory Team is composed of market managers, producers, and leaders from supporting organizations. The board is elected to provide coverage in all regions in order to gather and address local concerns and is supported by a centralized staff department. Strong commitment from our advisors with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota Extension Services has led to a valuable coordination of resources and knowledge that is available on a personal level. Funding for the MFMA's Food Assistance Programs are accomplished through the provision of grants and partnering organizations, along with in-house contributions.

Name of contact person Deonna Bouska

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