Sustainable Agriculture Project at UMD

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Name of Organization: Sustainable Agriculture Project at UMD

329 Cina Hall 1123 University Avenue
Duluth, MN 55812

Phone Number (218) 349-2956

Goal or mission of organization
The Sustainable Agriculture Project at the University of Minnesota, Duluth (SAP@UMD) formed in 2009 to institute education, research, and community engagement around local food systems and food security in the western Lake Superior region. SAP@UMD is an interdisciplinary faculty collaborative that provides overall leadership and is housed in the Center for Sustainable Community Development. SAP@UMD was awarded stewardship over fifteen acres at UMD's Research and Field Studies Center (formerly the Northeast Agricultural Experimental Station), including a five acre heritage apple orchard and a ten acre field, for which we use as an experiential learning and research site; we also utilize the extensive 20th century agriculture archives of the region housed in UMD's Northeast Minnesota Historical Center for faculty research and student teaching. We work closely with the UMD student group Students for Sustainable Agriculture; and we work with the University for Seniors at UMD. Our institutional partners at UMD include Facilities and Management, the Office of Sustainability, and the Office of Civic Engagement. We also collaborate with a host of community organizations with interests in food, farming and gardening issues and activities.

Clientele served
Depending on the activity (research, teaching, community engagement), we work with university students and community partners in carrying out our mission. We run a portion of the UMD Farm, organize conferences and workshops, and work within and outside of the university on food, farming and gardening issues and activities.
Geographic area served western Lake Superior bioregion

Current state of program We grow local foods on the UMD farm for the UMD Dining Services, providing experiential learning to both students and dining staff in local foods production and procurement. We have organized many public events around food, farming and gardening.

Capacity for local food work We are partnering with a number of area organizations, including the Sustainable Farming Association, the Duluth Community Garden Program, the Institute for Sustainable Future, the Duluth Public School System, etc. The particular activities are tailored to each of the group's interests and our own capacity.

Name of contact person
Randel Hanson

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