University of Minnesota Extension (Farm to School)

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Name of Organization: University of Minnesota Extension (Farm to School)

863 30th AVE SE
Rochester, MN 55902

Phone Number (507) 319-0263

Goal or mission of organization
Farm to School connects nearby farmers and locally grown foods with K-12 students. Locally grown, minimally processed foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, are purchased and prepared, and students learn more about the food they eat, all while helping the local economy.
Clientele served Schools (including foodservice, teachers and school leaders), students, families, farmers, & the greater community.

Geographic area served

Current state of program Farm to School initiatives are growing across the state. I coordinate statewide activities and connect communities with resources while our local educators at the U of M Extension work in depth with farmers, students, schools and communities. For example, our educators work with farmers on business management while others teach students about the health benefits of eating locally through activities like taste testings, gardens and cooking classes.

Capacity for local food workOur Farm to School website includes a wealth of resources, including funding opportunities. One of my roles is to help people connect with each other in their local communities to advance Farm to School. I also respond to the needs of the community by partnering with other organizations to develop needed tools or resources. In April 2011, U of M Extension and the Minnesota Department of Health convened a statewide Farm to School Leadership Team. If significant barriers or needs exist in your area, this 11 member group may be able to help.

Name of contact person: Stephanie Heim

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