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Gloria Brush's work selected for "Photos with Words"

The work of Gloria DeFilipps Brush, professor, Art and Design, was selected for the exhibition Photos with Words, sponsored by the Vermont Photography Workshop in Middlebury, VT by juror Liz Lee, professor of Photography and New Media at SUNY-Fredonia. Brush's work began an online presence in June, 2010, and was published in July in a book of the work of all photographers in the show.

Eun-Kyung Suh Exhibition at MAEP Galleries

THE MINESOTA ARTIST EXHIBITION PROGRAM is proud to announce two simultaneous solo exhibitions by Minnesota artists Mayumi Amada and Eun-Kyung Suh. "The Voided" and "Kuon (Eternal Flow of Time)" will be on view from July 16 through September 26 in the MAEP Galleries.

"The Voided": Eun-Kyung Suh
Suh's installations comprise many pieces, each containing a snippet of information. Her exhibition,"The Voided," is inspired by bojagi, a traditional Korean art form in which small scraps of patchwork material form beautifully protective wrappers for various objects. Often the packages contain images and text offering clues to their contents. As Suh stitches individual pieces of fabric together, the elaborate patchwork becomes a metaphor for the
interplay between personal history and public events.  For this exhibition she shows textile vessel forms that employ sheer silk organza in five colors representing the Five Movements of Eastern philosophy.

Kuon (Eternal Flow of Time)": Mayumi Amada
Through her multi-media installations and sculpture, Amada creates elaborate cut-outs representing the patterns of life and the repeated forms that are shared across generations. Using doilies and lacework patterns as a basis for exploring time, her exhibition "Kuon" (Japanese for the Buddhist concept of time) includes delicate forms created from plastic tarps inscribed with sampler-style messages such as "OUR LIFE ON EARTH: A BLIP IN ETERNITY." Her aesthetic meditations on gender, ancestry, and craft ponder the mundane amid the ongoing cycles of life, death, and regeneration.

sculpture by Eun-Kyung Suh & Cecilia Ramon

Hopkins Center for the Arts

Charles D. Redepenning Gallery

Hopkins Center for the Arts is pleased to present sculpture and installation pieces by  Eun-Kyung Suh (originally from Seoul, Korea) and Cecilia Ramon (originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina) from June 24-August 8. 

These two artists from opposite sides of the globe share an interest in using visual media to explore the relationship between body, mind and object.  Eun-Kyung Suh's exploration of this theme has led her to realize that cloth is akin to a secondary skin for the human body and thus to concentrate on using forms of textile as her dominant medium.  She creates wearable objects, containers, vessels and other forms by wrapping, folding and sewing - an artistic process she feels is both painterly and sculptural.  Cecilia Ramon investigates mental states and the relationship between body and mind in her creations. Currently, her investigation is concentrating on the complex concept of "tension" as an ever-present element in our physical and emotional lives.  She considers questions such as: At what point does tension (physical, mental, emotional) move from that which creates balance and energy to become hurtful?  What is the right tension for the mind to be alert, but not frightened? She uses wood, which can be resilient or fragile, to explore the notion of tension and release.

This show is part of an ongoing series of free, public exhibitions at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. For more information, go to: www.hopkinsartscenter.com

Contact: Susan Hanna-Bibus

            Executive Arts Director