David Bowen's work featured in a one-person exhibition at Esther Klein Gallery in Philadelphia, January 14th through March 20th.

Data Sweep launches the Esther Klein Gallery (EKG) 2011 season with an exhibition of recent works by artist, David Bowen. Bowen's creations operate at the intersection of contemporary art, design, science and technology. His work, described in Art in America as taking an "absurdist approach to the translation of scientific technology into art," creates a dynamic symbiosis between technology and the natural world. Data Sweep focuses on outcomes that occur when machines interact with the natural world. Mirco-controllers embedded in Bowen's hybrid systems translate the activity of natural agents, like plants or live data feeds from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data buoy stations on ocean surface into mechanical motion that animates, instigates and automates his art.  Complex autonomous systems are set in motion and create drawings, movements and compositions based on their interaction with the space and time they occupy. The works in Data Sweep play both the roles of observer and creator, providing limited and mechanical perspectives of dynamic situations and living objects.


*In 2010 the University City Science Center launched Breadboard, a new program that administrates EKG as one component of our larger mission to explore intersections between art, design, science and technology. Breadboard grew out of 30+ years of EKG operations and is an extension of its rich program history that includes noted exhibits with R. Buckminster Fuller (1980 & 1983) who held an honorary title of World Resident and Scholar at the Science Center from 1973-1983. To find out more about Breadboard and our public programs please visit our website at www.breadboardphilly.org