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Thanks Abby Dolloff

...for finding this article. It is a perfect example of the kind of project I see this being a part of. Take a look everyone at similar projects other design students are working on.



I could see doing this type of thing digitally and using it in design work. Very inspiring.


From The Daily Heller (10/29/09)

Mikey Burton: Designer

Check this designer out. He has some great design work and a nicely functioning website to boot. Especially, take a look at the logo/identity work.


Logo Development

Check out this video of Herbert Matter's logo development process. Very old-style, but interesting none-the-less.


Visual Inspiration

Dropular is a cool website that is updated everyday with popular imagery. It is used by working designers and artists as both a place to share and find inspiration.


Free or Reasonable and Quality Photographs

If using imagery found on the web, make sure it is stock and without copyright protection. Also, if using it as is, make sure you are getting as high a resolution as possible, especially for print pieces. You may have to pay a small fee, but it's worth it in the end.

Here are a couple of stock photo sites:


Copyright and Fair Use

As future professional graphic designers in a postmodern world, you should all be familiar with copyright and fair use law. When using artwork and words created by others, even when you are altering said images or words, it is always best to get permission to use. However, there are laws that protect that usage as fair in certain cases.

Good Information from the Academic Library at Stanford University on Fair Use

We can learn from people like Shepard Fairey and his fight for the use of an existing photo to create the Obama poster. Read more about this and the struggles he has in fighting the fight.

From the Daily Heller
From the LA Times blog

There are different rules in Fair Use that apply to your work as as student. Here are some guidelines to follow for that...

From the Academic Library at Stanford University

My Info Graphics

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This is a quick sketch of my thought process if I were given this assignment. My idea is to do a comparison chart of How I spend my time as compared to How I'd like to spend my time and how that feeds the soul (as according to the seven chakra centers). I am creating an overall visual effect but also separating content by color, size, type styles, etc.



Think about mapping as a way to guide your audience's way through information. How do you get them from point A to point B using symbols, color, and keys organized in a way that provides them the tools for finding their way through the information.



This is a good example of using color to contrast, symbols to distinguish information and diagramming techniques to connect and contrast the information.


Symbols + Graphs

Using visual symbols and type to graph information and diagram how lots of data in visually interesting way.


Using color, symbols, 3D visualization and a key to show data in a quickly understood visual.


Influence Map

This is a great example of a visual style and information graphics to show personal information. Could be inspiration for you in how you approach showing your daily life.


World Religions Similarities exposed

I found this to be an interesting non-commercial project that used information design techniques to create a very powerful message. The overall visual experience it creates is very interesting as well.


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