10 Rules with which to Check your Logo

From the book, Logo Design Workbook by Sean Adams, Noreen Morioka with Terry Stone

1. Answer who, what, why?
2. Identify, don't explain (should not literally describe the client's business--it identifies the company and reflects it's attitudes and values)
3. Understand limitations (trying it out)(a logo can't make a company good)
4. Be seductive
5. Make mnemonic value* (memorable)
6. Pose a question (make compelling)
7. Design for longevity (don't make too trendy)
8. Make the logo the foundation of the system (everything else should work with it: type, imagery, etc.) **
9. Design for a variety of media
10. Be strong

* First we see shape and color, second we put it in historical context, then we associate a meaning to it, then we make an emotional connection based on experience and memory

** A visual system is derived from the logo. It does not copy the mark's form but complements it. The visual system will include guidelines for usage of color, typography, imagery, copy style, and product usage.

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