Type Rules for Logo Development

1. Look at the form: How does it complement the mark?
2. Look at how the characters work together. Check your negative space. (particularly with logotype/wordmark, pay attention to tracking, kerning, leading)
3. Legibility--it needs to read at all sizes (really thick and thin strokes are probably not a good idea)
4. How does the type work along side the mark--build equality between the mark and the type
5. Don't be afraid to change the letterforms to fit your idea and with the mark--customize
6. Check style, family, creator, use, history of typeface--does it fit with your intended meaning
7. Look very closely at the forms--this will give you some clue as to how well the face is made
8. Build harmony/balance between mark and type
9. What does the form of the face say about the idea? i.e. A community-focused project might call for a softer humanist typeface like Gill Sans or an accessible and familiar typeface like Helvetica

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