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This is cool stuff. Little & Co., a Minneapolis design firm has an interesting website where they talk about their process for branding and other things. Check it out: Little & Co.

One of their recent personal projects is all the rage. They spent time going around the country asking big-name designers what design inspired them and where they design going next. Take a look at these ongoing interviews at: Thirty Conversations about Design

Another Great Color Website

Thanks to Abby Schmalz, we found this website too!

Mikey Burton: Designer

Check this designer out. He has some great design work and a nicely functioning website to boot. Especially, take a look at the logo/identity work.

Information Graphics: Categorizing and Graphing your information

Found this really great website by Nicholas Felton that shows some interesting examples of information design.

This is a great example for you to reference if you are choosing the "What I do in a day/week/month/year option.

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