Important Information Missing from Readings!

In anatomy one, it will help to know two more things; one, the designer of this 2003 poster is Copper Greene.

Each one of the posters is analyzed in various ways pulling from either current events in news or from a progressive line of of similar designs from historical to present examples. In this Iraq poster here is what they are drawing from:

The first line of inquiry is about History-defining photography.
The second line of inquiry is about KKK costumes and sacrificial positions.
The third is about figure silhouettes.

In anatomy 2, the designer is Cyan and it was done in 1997. The first line of inquiry is optical patterns; the second is same design, different colors and the third is clip art.

In anatomy 3, the designer is Milton Glaser from 1987. The first line of inquiry is unusual shapes; the second is folded paper corners; and the third is creased and layered papers.

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