Schedule for 4/12-4/22 + Project Sheets and Examples

Attached is your Project 3 project sheet. On that, specific details about what will be happening and what is due are on the sheet. See attachments at bottom of this posting

In a nutshell:

Apr. 12/13
Begin Project 3
Readings assigned; check project sheet for other due pieces

Apr. 14/15
Project 3 Work on setting up document
Reading assigned; check project sheet for weekend work

Apr. 19/20
Rough of P3 Due; in-class critique
Discuss reading; project due next session

Apr. 21/22
Final Critique P3

Project Sheet: project3_thebooklet.pdf
Brochure Examples: brochure_ex.pdf
Reading 1: chap2_layout.pdf
Reading 2: chap3_layout.pdf
Reading 3: chap4_layout.pdf

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